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Pictureman Event Photography

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Pictureman Event Photography

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Pictureman Event Photography

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Pictureman Event Photography On-site candids & mobile printing

Your photos are printed instantly onsite with our portable lab printer, (this is NOT inkjet). These are true lab-quality, waterproof photos. Multiple reprints are available at the event from the same photo. Everyone in the photo gets a print!

Additionally, each photo comes in a standard white yardstick frame. We also offer designed frames to personalize your event/function. For an additional fee you can have your frames designed or branded however you like. Contact us for more information.

We shoot it, we print it, we hand it to you
Candid Photographs
NOLA nightlife
All types of Events

About PictureMan

PictureMan began in the home of Mardi Gras, America’s greatest festival. We can handle a party.

Dominique McClellan of PictureMan Event Photography

Dominique McClellan started out simply with a camera and a printer, walking around neighborhood parties, printing out photos and handing them to his subjects. His background in event marketing, independent film and the theatre served him well, and PictureMan now has bookings year-round, all across the USA.

As a company, our specialty is working with brands to create strong brand-loyalty and connection. We create an on-site and online presence for your company with whitelabeled pictureframes and mobile-friendly, sharable web photo galleries.

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The Benefits

We handle it all. Book PictureMan and we show up with photographers, printers, photo stock, picture frames. A link to each photo is emailed immediately to your guest and posted in a branded web page.

You worry about nothing, your guests leave with photos in hand, you create a memorable event and generate brand loyalty. What's not to like?

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Recent Events

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Simple Pricing Options

We offer two ways to book our services. Each includes prints and digital photos uploaded to a secure site. If your needs are greater, please contact us.



  • Branded Web pages
  • Access to Web Admin Panel
  • Email list export
  • 2 Hours
  • 200 Prints


  • Branded Web pages
  • Access to Web Admin Panel
  • Email list export
  • 3 Hours
  • 500 Prints


  • Branded Web pages
  • Access to Web Admin Panel
  • Email list export
  • 4 Hours
  • 600 Prints

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We are open from 8.30 AM — 4.00 PM weekdays.

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